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6th International Chick Meeting

It is our pleasure to announce the 6th International Chick Meeting to be held at The Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, September 2011.


The 1st International Chick Meeting was held in 2003 chaired by David Burt and Olivier Pourquié at Hinxton, Cambridge (UK), to mark the start of the chicken genome project. The 2nd was organized by Rob Krumlauf and Olivier Pourquié at the Stower's Institute (USA) in 2004 to review the latest findings from the completed chicken genome sequence. This was followed by two more workshops held at Cold Spring Harbour (USA) in 2005 and 2006.

The 5th international meeting was held at PRBB, Barcelona (Spain) in 2007, organized by Fernando Giraldez with more focus on the biology of the chicken exploiting new genomic resources now available for the chick. The plan this year was to hold the 6th at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan, however due to the recent Earthquake these plans had to be cancelled. A new venue was arranged for the Roslin Institute at Edinburgh University. The 7th meeting will be arranged for Sendai in autumn 2012.


All these meetings have been very successful, having a strong impact on avian research, spurring collaborations utilizing genome information, genetic markers, expression arrays, cells, embryos and new tools to manipulate and explore the biology of the chicken.

We plan to hold the 6th meeting observing the collegiate and collaborative precedents that have already been established. The meeting aims at sharing new information among researchers who use the chick and other avian species in their research and to foster new collaborations.

In keeping with this, each presentation should include new unpublished data. We encourage everyone to make either an oral presentation or poster, but registration will only require the submission of a title without any abstract. No proceedings will be published. Normally, there will be only one speaker per lab – we particularly encourage PhD students and postdocs to be proposed as the speaker. Talks will be selected by the International Committee from the titles submitted – others will be very welcome to bring a poster.

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