The Roslin Institute

Genetics and Genomics

Development of new tools for genetic selection for a sustainable poultry industry

This three year project is being funded by a BBSRC/DEFRA LINK grant. The main aim of this project is to search for and create a database of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) variation within and between poultry breeds by high throughput sequence analysis of DNA samples.

A subset of these SNPs will be used to design a high density genotyping assay for application to genomic selection of commercially important traits in farmed poultry. It is a multi-stakeholder project with involvement of several poultry breeding companies, namely Aviagen, Hyline, and Sybreed. Affymetrix is another key project partner who will be developing the genotyping assay.

Beyond its commercial implications, the project will also be keen to understand the evolutionary aspects of domestication and in unravelling the functional polymorphisms of different production and disease traits in chicken. The vast amount of SNP data generated from this project will allow pursuit of such studies.