The Roslin Institute


28 June 2017

Creating a Better World for Pets: the $17 billion challenge

Event: 28 June 2017

Time: 1:00PM

Chair: Ian Jackson

Location: Roslin Auditorium

Speaker: Darren Logan (Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition)


Mars Inc., mostly known for its chocolate bars, has a larger presence in pet care than confectionary. In addition to manufacturing a raft of global pet food brands, Mars employs 9% of America’s vets across networks of pet hospitals and owns its own pet genotyping platform and a pet activity monitor. Together these products generate over $17 billion in annual sales. Supporting this pet care eco-system is The Waltham Centre, Mars’ fundamental research Institute tasked with delivering scientific knowledge and practical solutions to create a Better World for Pets. I will introduce the research programme at Waltham, describe our capabilities for research into cat and dog health and wellbeing, and explain our unique Caring Science approach to working with our canine and feline colleagues. Then I will describe two of our research projects in detail: (1) a novel application of RNA-sequencing technology to discover how the olfactory systems of mammals become highly individualised (2) the utilization of the electronic health records of 23 million pets to predicts disease and define life-stage in cats and dogs.