The Roslin Institute


Ensembl Browser Workshop: 20 or 21 August 2014

The EnsEMBL Browser Workshop (8 hours) is aimed at researchers or students who would want to learn about the features of the EnsEMBL Genome Browser. The workshop will introduce the EnsEMBL project and will explain the data types and data access available through EnsEMBL.

The workshop consists of a series of talks followed by hands-on practicals and will introduce the Ensembl project, the Ensembl Genome Browser and the data mining tool called BioMart.

Participants will learn about:

  • how to access sequence data or gene-annotations
  • how to get information on sequence variation (e.g. SNPs or indels) and the functional consequence of the variants
  • how to get orthologues and paralogues of a gene or pairwise/multiple sequence alignments for a genomic-region
  • how to obtain functional and regulatory information for regions of the genome, including transcription factor binding sites and epigenetic modifications
  • and much more...

The workshop is a free event but booking is required - please book for either the 20th or 21st, but not both, and make sure your order is confirmed fully via ePay and you receive an email confirmation.

The workshop is led by Denise Carvalho-Silva Ensembl Outreach Officer.

EnsEMBL Browser workshop20 or 21 August 2014
09:30-17:30 — Room G02 — Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Easter Bush Campus, Edinburgh