The Roslin Institute



08 September 2014 1:00PM
The neurobiology of developmental brain disorders
Speaker: Dr. Gavin Rumbaugh (The Scripps Research Institute, Florida)
Lecture Theatre B, The Chancellors Building, Little France Crescent
11 September 2014 12:00PM
Systems dissection of stem cells
Speaker: Prof Frank Buchholz (University Hospital and Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus, University of Technology Dresden, Germany)
SCRM Seminar Room, SCRM Building, 5 Little France, Edinburgh bioQuarter
11 September 2014 6:00PM
Introduction to Enterprise at The University of Edinburgh
Speaker: Entrepreneurship Club Team
LT2, Business School, 29 Buccleuch Place
12 September 2014 5:30PM
Painting a Portrait of an Edinburgh Anatomist
Speaker: Tom Jessell (Columbia University, New York)
Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Teviot Place, Edinburgh
17 September 2014 3:30PM
Polygamy of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus with porcine macrophages and nasty consequences
Speaker: Professor Hans Nauwinck (Ghent University, Belgium)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
24 September 2014 3:30PM
Imaging infection and immunity in vivo
Speaker: Professor James Brewer (University of Glasgow)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
01 October 2014 3:30PM
Professor Clare Blackburn
Speaker: Professor Clare Blackburn (University of Edinburgh)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
08 October 2014 3:30PM
Professor Giles Hardingham
Speaker: Professor Giles Hardingham (University of Edinburgh)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
22 October 2014 3:30PM
The role of veterinary vaccines in global food security
Speaker: Professor Andy Peters (SRUC Edinburgh, UK)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
29 October 2014 3:30PM
Getting excited by the environment
Speaker: Dr Christopher Connolly (University of Dundee)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
05 November 2014 3:30PM
Myeloid cells in the CNS: Are they good guys or bad guys? How did they get that way?
Speaker: Professor Richard Ransohoff (Cleveland Clinic, Lerner Research Institute, Ohio, USA)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
12 November 2014 3:30PM
The long-range regulation of mammalian gene expression
Speaker: Professor Doug Higgs (University of Oxford)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
19 November 2014 3:30PM
Antiviral functions of the second messenger molecule cyclic GAMP
Speaker: Dr Andrea Ablasser (University of Bonn)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
26 November 2014 3:30PM
Recognition of pathogen DNA and innate immune gene regulation by PYHIN proteins
Speaker: Professor Andrew Bowie (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
03 December 2014 3:30PM
Diet-microbiota-health interactions in older persons
Speaker: Prof Paul O’Toole (University College, Cork, Ireland)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
10 December 2014 3:30PM
Dr Arno Muller
Speaker: Dr Arno Muller (University of Dundee)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium