The Roslin Institute



02 March 2015 12:00PM
Centrosomes in asymmetric stem cell divisions
Speaker: Professor Jordan Raff (Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford)
G.27 Lecture Theatre 1, Daniel Rutherford Building, Kings Buildings, Edinburgh
03 March 2015 1:00PM
Learning from Aspergillus - from asthma to TB and transplant
Speaker: Professor David Denning (University of Manchester)
Wellcome Lecture Theatre, Queens Medical Research Institute, Little France
03 March 2015 5:00PM
150 deaths an hour - the neglected fungal disease 'epidemic'
Speaker: Professor David Denning (University of Manchester)
Lecture theatre 3, Ashworth Laboratories, Kings Buildings
04 March 2015 3:30PM
Quorum sensing and Pseudomonas aeruginosa: a tale of regulatory networks and antimicrobial targets
Speaker: Professor Paul Williams (University of Nottingham)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
11 March 2015 3:30PM
The gene flow revolution: How appreciating admixture is shaping our understanding of domestication and human evolution
Speaker: Dr Greger Larson (University of Oxford)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
25 March 2015 3:30PM
Genomics of cardiovascular disease and precision medicine
Speaker: Profesor Anna Dominiczak (University of Glasgow)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
01 April 2015 3:30PM
Professor Paul Torgerson
Speaker: Professor Paul Torgerson (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium