The Roslin Institute



23 April 2014 12:00PM
Newborn innate immunity - to in utero and beyond!
Speaker: Dr. Andrew Currie (Senior Lecturer in Immunology/ Senior Research Fellow, Murdoch University, Australia)
Wellcome Auditorium, QMRI, Little France
23 April 2014 12:30PM
Safe Storage and Transfer of Research Data
Speaker: Edinburgh WTCRF, Education Programme
Seminar Room, Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
23 April 2014 2:00PM
The long march of human genes
Speaker: Andrea Manica (University of Cambridge)
Lecture Theatre 3, Ashworth Labs, Kings Buildings
23 April 2014 3:30PM
Fibrillin assembly and function: recent insights from the fibrillinopathie
Speaker: Professor Cay Kielty (University of Manchester)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
24 April 2014 2:00PM
Top-Down Bayesian Modelling and Inference for Indoor Scenes
Speaker: Victor Hernandez Urbina and Thomas Joyce (University of Edinburgh)
Room 2.33, Informatics, 10 Crichton Street
25 April 2014 12:00PM
Bacterial autophagy and the cytoskeleton in host defence
Speaker: Dr Serge Mostowy (Microbiology, Department of Medicine, Imperial College London)
Wellcome Auditorium, Queen's Medical Research Institute, Little France
28 April 2014 12:30PM
Epigenetic changes during human germ cell development
Speaker: Jleqlan Zhou (University of Edinburgh)
Lecture Theatre, Queen's Medical Research Institute
30 April 2014 12:00PM
Visualization of enzyme activities in intact cells
Speaker: Dr Carsten Schultz (Cell Biology & Biophysics Unit, EMBL Heidelberg)
Wellcome Auditorium, QMRI, Little France
30 April 2014 3:30PM
The impact of feline leukaemia virus research on animal and human health
Speaker: Presented by Professor Os Jarrett (University of Glasgow)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
07 May 2014 3:30PM
The Development and Clinical Application of Intraosseous Transcutaneous Amputation Protheses
Speaker: Dr Catherine Pendergrass (University College, London)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
14 May 2014 3:30PM
Professor Gadi Frankel
Speaker: The interplay between the Escherichia coil type III secretion system effectors (Imperial College, London)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
28 May 2014 3:30PM
Antiviral functions of the second messenger molecule cycle GAMP
Speaker: Dr Andrea Ablasser (University of Bonn, Germany)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
04 June 2014 3:30PM
Professor Arne Akbar
Speaker: Professor Arne Akbar (University College London)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
11 June 2014 3:30PM
Dr David Lyons
Speaker: Dr David Lyons (University of Edinburgh)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
18 June 2014 3:30PM
Of mice and men . . . Edinburgh Imaging facilities
Speaker: Dr Carmel Moran (University of Edinburgh)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
25 June 2014 3:30PM
Professor Adam Cunningham
Speaker: Professor Adam Cunningham (University of Birmingham)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium