The Roslin Institute



24 November 2014 12:00PM
Metabolic engineering of high-value isoprenoids in Solanaceae; effects of metabolism and cellular perturbations"
Speaker: Professor Paul Fraser (Plant Molecular Science, Centre for Systems & Synthetic Biology, Royal Holloway College, University of London)
Main Lecture Theatre, Michael Swann Building
24 November 2014 12:30PM
Ex-vivo uterine environment (EVE) therapy and the chronically catheterised second trimester fetus: studies in a sheep model of preterm birth and intrauterine infection
Speaker: Dr Matthew Kemp (University of Western Australia)
Lecture Theatre at the Queen’s Medical Research Institute
25 November 2014 11:00AM
Receptive field formation by interacting excitatory and inhibitory plasticity
Speaker: Claudia Clopath (Imperial College London)
room 4.31/4.33, Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street
25 November 2014 12:00PM
Manipulating the many inter(faces) of tropomyosin, in vivo
Speaker: Dr. Anthony Cammarato (School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University)
Wellcome Auditorium, QMRI, Little France
25 November 2014 12:00PM
DISTINGUISHED SEMINAR: Mechanisms protecting neural stem cells from oxidative and nutrient stress in Drosophila
Speaker: Alex Gould (Head, Division of Physiology and Metabolism, MRC National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London)
Lecture Theatre, Beatson Institute on Garscube Estate, Bearsden
25 November 2014 3:00PM
Mendelian randomisation: The next ten years
Speaker: Prof George Davey-Smith (Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, University of Bristol)
Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Old High School, Infirmary Street, Edinburgh EH1 1LZ
26 November 2014 10:00AM
Microscopy Image Analysis Seminar. New IMARIS 8
Speaker: Delisa Garcia (Imaris)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
26 November 2014 1:00PM
Growing Up in New Zealand: Now we are two, the first 1000 days
Speaker: Dr. Peterson (School of Psychology, University of Auckland, New Zealand)
B21, Psychology, 7 George Square
26 November 2014 3:30PM
Recognition of pathogen DNA and innate immune gene regulation by PYHIN proteins
Speaker: Professor Andrew Bowie (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
26 November 2014 4:00PM
New large trials: TICH-2 and EuroHype
Speaker: Prof. Nikki Sprigg (University of Nottingham )
CCBS seminar room, 1st Floor, Chancellor's Building, Little France
27 November 2014 3:30PM
Antiviral functions of the second messenger molecule cyclic GAMP
Speaker: Dr Andrea Ablasser (University of Bonn)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
01 December 2014 12:30PM
Novel regulatory pathways of normal and leukaemic stem cell functions
Speaker: Professor Kamil Kranc (SCRM)
Lecture Theatre at the Queen’s Medical Research Institute
03 December 2014 3:30PM
Diet-microbiota-health interactions in older persons
Speaker: Prof Paul O’Toole (University College, Cork, Ireland)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
04 December 2014 5:00PM
Dick Vet Animal Behaviour Society's inaugural guest lecture: Animal behaviour in first opinion practice
Speaker: Dr Claire Corridan, BVMS, PhD, MRCVS (Nethan Vets in Lanarkshire)
Lecture Theatre 1, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
08 December 2014 12:30PM
Placental dysfunction and the etiology of fetal growth restriction and maternal mood disorders
Speaker: Dr Rosalind John (University of Cardiff)
Lecture Theatre at the Queen’s Medical Research Institute
10 December 2014 3:30PM
A Role for the Microtubule associated Ser/Thr Kinase 'Drop out' in cell polarity
Speaker: Dr Arno Muller (University of Dundee)
The Roslin Institute Auditorium
15 December 2014 12:30PM
Dr Bin-Zhi Qian
Speaker: Dr Bin-Zhi Qian (CRH)
Lecture Theatre at the Queen’s Medical Research Institute