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Structural and functional basis of effective immunity against Theileria parva infection in cattle
How do carbohydrates instruct brain development?
The genetic, evolutionary and environmental contributions to human longevity
Consequences of early life stress on social behaviour and the reproductive system in birds
Engineering human skin fibroblasts with an orthogonal transcriptional circuit conferring glucose-responsive insulin release: a new paradigm for treatment of diabetes
Re-engineering stem cell differentiation
The role of Lipid Droplets in the structure, function and stability of the neuromuscular junction during ageing
Does NPP1 regulate glucose metabolism through its expression in bone?
Involvement of mesenchymal stem cells in ovulation
Molecular characterisation of bacterium-macrophage interactions: immune evasion, host-specificity and therapeutic potential
The characterisation of novel cellular proteins involved in viral-induced programmed cell death
Bioinformatic approach towards gene-function and gene-disease association predictions in chicken by building a gene expression compendium
Characterisation and manipulation of novel pathways that regulate gene expression to enhance the efficacy of vectored DNA vaccines
Role of "fat" in immunity: A mechanistic unravelling of a central immune-metabolic axis in innate-immunity
Microglial TREM2 and preservation of central nervous system homeostasis
Investigating a role for the gut microbiota in stress hyperactivity and increased anxiety behaviour in a rodent model of early life adversity
Machine Learning Approaches to the Genomic Prediction of Healthy Aging
Dog behaviour: characterisation, genetic basis and the impact of human-mediated selection
Detecting and understanding mycobacterial infections in domestic cats and their role in the risk of zoonotic, intra- and inter-species spread
Engineering novel mRNA kinetics to interrogate stem cell function
The role of Poly(A) binding protein 1 (PABP1) lysine acetylation in regulating post-transcriptional gene expression
Alternative model to trace haematopoietic progenitors
A web-based epidemiological study of canine health
Acceleration of neural maturation in vitro to generate fully functional human neuron
Derivation of bovine macrophages from induced pluripotent stem cells as a novel tool for understanding host-pathogen interactions
Dynamic modelling of RNA viral disease epidemiology, incorporating viral evolution using FMD persistence in endemic areas as an example
Phylodynamics of swine influenza
Systems investigation of grid cell mechanisms and roles in spatial behaviour
Modelling of genetic and environmental impacts on synaptic vesicle recycling using human induced pluripotent stem cell derived neurons
Are gender differences in the development of hypertension and cardiovascular disease due to cell autonomous sex identities?
Comparative analysis of avian sex stem cells