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Light detection by the brain; the investigation of deep brain photoreceptors in birds
Effects of developmental programming on social behaviour and the brain
Optimising Genomic Breeding of Farmed Salmon
Development of multi-parametric measurements of the immune response to improve the understanding and diagnosis of Feline Tuberculosis
The role of SPZ1 in transcriptional modulation of papilloma virus-infected cells
Characterisation of cattle immune response from assaying methylation profiles in whole blood samples
How do androgens control pituitary hormone profiles? An integrated transgenic and systems biology approach
Investigating the emergence of novel pathogens using sequence data
Are sex differences in hypertension and cardiovascular disease due to cell autonomous factors?
Investigating the influence of the gut microbiota on the brain and behaviour using a rodent model of prenatal stress
The specificity of spatial novelty for improving memory persistence
Emergence of functional polarity in a tubular epithelium
Systemic analysis of successful spinal cord regeneration in larval zebrafish
Investigating the links between bone biology, energy metabolism and obesity
Characterisation of the intimate relationship between collagen and mineral during skeletal biomineralisation
Uncovering the genetic and molecular basis of human hair variation and evolution
Network modelling of complex data
Identification of host virus interactions using systematic approaches
Genetics of dogs: behaviour, breed structure and the impact of human-mediated selection
Optogenetic exploration of the neural circuits within the lateral entorhinal cortex
Activity-dependent bulk endocytosis: New molecules, new insights
Use of advanced technologies to enhance monitoring of dairy cow health
Beef breeding program designs for the genomic era
The role of yolk sac-derived macrophages in chicken embryo immune responses
Innate immune factors involved in CpG-dinucleotide recognition and control of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) replication
Dynamic modelling of RNA viral disease epidemiology, incorporating viral evolution using FMD persistence in endemic areas as an example
Predicting the circulation of High Pathogenic Avian Influenza through the movement of wild birds
Regulation of microglial activity to promote central nervous system homeostasis and limit harmful neuroinflammation
The role of transcription factor Pax6 in glutamatergic versus GABAergic cell fate determination in developing cerebral cortex
Investigation into the environmental, genetic and infectious risks for gastrointestinal signs in dogs
Allometry of the Canine Skull: A Population-based Study to Define the Genetic Influences of Canine Skull Size and Shape
The genetic pathways controlling germ cell migration and gonadal colonisation in birds