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Identification of host factors involved in PRRSV infection using genome-scale CRISPR knock-out
Understanding the emergence of bird flu: epidemiological and phylogenetic analysis of the global spread of H5Nx lineages of avian influenza
A cat and mouth game: Can a feline dental condition inform on how human bones weaken with age?
Advancing understanding on the origins of avian lymphoid tissues with new technologies
Elucidation of the neural basis of seasonal breeding in birds
Role of LGI and ADAM proteins in the functional organization of the myelinated axon
A role for Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator ion channel function in lung development
Piezo: a cardiac stretch-activated ion channel?
How learning modifies neuronal population codes in the visual cortex during the acquisition of a behavioural task
Development of multi-parametric tests for the diagnosis of feline tuberculosis
Monobody biosimilars as tools to probe the differential dynamic regulation of the EGFR network by protein-protein interaction switches
The role of organellular interactions in regulating neuronal stability and vulnerability
A novel approach to passive vaccination against livestock disease
Developing African buffalo genomics as a tool to understand bovid resistance to African diseases
Zoom in memory representation in the brain: from networks and cells to synapses
Determining the role of macrophages in prion neuroinvasion from the intestine
Optimising a prion diagnostic assay
Epigenetic regulation of the pig immune system
Translational control of a bacterial micro-injection system
Gene regulation in the development of mechanosensory cells of the inner ear: bioinformatic and experimental analysis in a stem cell model
Defining the functions of Smoc1 during eye development and disease using in ovo somatic-cell gene-editing
Novel chemical tools for non-invasive imaging of plant metabolism
Genetic history and adaptation of African cattle: Identifying the genetic variants associated with bovine tropical adaptations
Network analysis of entorhinal-hippocampal circuits for spatial cognition and memory
The microbiome of tropical livestock and its effect on health and productivity
Understanding the mechanism of influenza A virus PB1-F2 immune signalling antagonism
Analysis of the honey bee immune response to mites and pathogens
Innate immune factors involved in CpG-dinucleotide recognition and control of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) replication
Determining the role of activity-dependent bulk endocytosis in brain function via VAMP4
How do primary cilla control the activity of stem cells in the developing cerebral cortex?
Dissecting the proviral functions of Jmjd6 in influenza A virus infection
Unravelling cellular dynamics from single cell expression data in mammalian stem cells and cancer
The biological basis of the genetic susceptibility to osteoporosis in laying hens
Using novel imaging techniques to discover new calcification pathways in the vasculature
Identification of novel targets for preventive or therapeutic control of Staphylococcus aureus bovine mastitis
Functional spinal cord repair from new neurons and circuitry
The role of transcription factor Pax6 in determining glutamatergic versus GABAergic cell fate in developing mammalian cerebral cortex
Rapid mobile sequencing and bioinformatics for emerging pathogens
A genome editing approach to identify genes involved in enhanced resistance or susceptibility to bovine TB
Defining Adenovirus: Cell Entry Mechanisms: Applications to Gene Therapy
Investigating a role for the gut microbiota in stress axis dysfunction and anxiety behaviour in prenatally stressed rats
The intra-uterine growth restricted pig foetus as a means to understand muscle development
Development of a deep amplicon sequencing method to quantify the species composition of parasitic trematode communities in herbivorous livestock
Identifying excitatory drive for rhythmic locomotor activity during development
Investigation of the role of prion protein PrPC in immune function and disease resistance in poultry and fish