The Roslin Institute



The research of The Roslin Institute is run over four Scientific Divisions. The interim director of the Institute is Professor Bruce Whitelaw. A further division, Clinical Sciences, supports the clinical research undertaken at the R(D)SVS.

The Roslin Institute receives strategic funding from the BBSRC. The five Institute Strategic Programmes span the Divisions thus enabling a fully collaborative structure between research groups and maintaining a fully integrative approach to the Institute's research.

The Roslin Institute's research also maps onto the six major research themes of the Easter Bush Research Consortium (EBRC). Much of the research is carried out in close collaboration with EBRC partners through studentships and competitively won funding. The Roslin Institute is also a key partner in Edinburgh Infectious Diseases.

Click on the links below to find out more about the work of each of the Divisions. A summary of all research interests in The Roslin Institute is also available.